The Identicals by Elin Hiderbrand

Synopsis: Harper Frost is a laid-back, easygoing no-care in the world girl. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. She likes a beer and a shot and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything fashionable. She’s inherited her father’s rundown house on Martha’s Vineyard, but she can’t hold down a job, and her latest romantic disaster has the entire island talking.

Elin Hiderbrand serves up another beach book that should be a nice addition to your light-summer reading list. Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect setting for this prissy-prance novel about a bohemian that threatens to overturn the Island’s last lingering social mores.  Exactly what this new comer brings is, well the crux of the book, but suffice it to say she plans a no-side-stepping girl-whirl on the upper crust socialites who call Martha’s Vineyard the last untouched Hemmingwayish type beach oasis left in America.  -Robin Wessler


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